Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Day 17


Day 17: 10,328 words

Target, cleared! And still going because there is still more story to be told. Obviously this is because I started a new story during the month and now I am wondering if it’s the story I should have written in the first place.

It is using an idea I came up with years ago, after reading the Malory Towers and Harry Potter series at the same time. Flicking through old stuff recently has made me realise I had a few good ideas as a child and teen but maybe wasn’t able to execute them properly back then. Of course, what I am writing now might not be right but I can try right.

As for what happened yesterday, tipping me over the 10k mark was my characters collecting together their uniforms and asking questions about things, leading to an accusation essentially of sexism and revealing to me that the schools have lessons in being young ladies and gentlemen as well as regular magic lessons. Think finishing school and Hogwarts combined and you kind have what my characters decided to reveal to me.

Still, it will lead to more conflict and drama so that means plot, or at least, that is what I have been told.


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