Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015: Days 3&4


Word Counts:

Day 3: 1,787 words

Day 4: 2,054 words

I’ve hit a wall. Again. And I am getting so frustrated with myself because of these walls that stop me writing and being interested. I knew there was a massive risk with this story due to it being sci-fi and outside of my comfort zone. Still want to write it but I suspect I may have to have a fantasy story going at the same time to play it safe and make sure I reach my 10k target.

I feel so frustrated with my inability to write at the moment. It’s ridiculous.

All that has happened in the last two days is that I have realised I was going down the wrong track with two of the characters, have introduced my MMC’s real love interest and tried pushing to the point I can continue but not sure it is going to work.

I just hope I can get back on track.


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