Writing Struggles

How I feel at the moment. Image Source: Good Image Search

Maybe it’s because I have been busy as of late so too tired to write or even come up with ideas, or maybe I have hit a rut or maybe it’s just writers block, but I have really been struggling to just sit down and write as of late. It’s also why I haven’t really been posting here. Sorry.

Most ideas I have had have been for rewriting stories and I have started but I just can’t seem to hold as much interest in an idea so I can keep writing it. I’ve been like this since the end of the last NaNo session. It is driving me mad. I’ve flicked through plot generators, prompts and stuff but still drawing a blank. Even when I think I have hit upon something, it turns out I haven’t.

I do wonder if I am due for hitting a rut in my writing. Whilst in high school, I had a year or so where I just couldn’t write. I just couldn’t come up with anything. I finally hit a stride again during exams but still, I had a year where I couldn’t write.

Guess I am posting here now to ask for help. Can anyone help or offer any advice that might help?

7 thoughts on “Writing Struggles

    • Definitely some good advice there. Thank you! Now to see if I actually follow it. xD

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      • Just keep at it, after a while you don’t even notice the habit. There are days when I’m absolutely dead after work, and then I catch myself in front of the computer, writing my ass off.

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      • I think that might be the trick. One of my New Years goals was to try writing something at least once a week every week however life has changed since that goal was made. Maybe I do need to get into the habit to make it easier on myself.

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      • Yup. Start off with a week. Then keep at it until you reach a point you write every day. Or at least every two days. It’s super easy once you get used to it. Like inertia, it’s hard to start, but once you get moving, it’s quite smooth.

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      • Thank you for the advice! Hopefully, I can get the habit going before life changes again for me.


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