Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Done! Finally!


Apologies for the disappearing act. I have been trying to complete NaNo in among other life stuff.

To be honest, I cannot be bothered to do all my WC’s but suffice it to say I finally finished on 25,007 words. My word program and Camp’s validator had differing ideas on my word count so ended up writing more just to get it validated. In the end, I had to write in summary because I was never going to catch up whilst writing in full, especially as I was struggling to contend with the fact that I was rushing the ending. I need to stop being such a perfectionist. I know I need to trust my instincts and stick to any plans I make. I know deviating from it on certain points did make the writing of this NaNo tough.

So will I rewrite it? I don’t know. Steal from it for other stories, likely. I think right now I am just focusing on writing and wanting to just write for enjoyment for a while after not being able to write for so long. I do like the idea, the premise and I know there is stuff I can do with it, especially as it takes place in the same world as other NaNo’s I have done.

I think come what May at this time and just figure things out later. (Lame joke, I know!)

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