Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Days 13 & 14


Sorry! Slightly behind again on posting.

Word counts first.

Day 13: 12,427 words

Day 14: 13,718 words

Not many things have happened really. My FMC set up home in the cabin, received an air drop of supplies, named the dragon that has followed her around as well as noticing that the dragons seem apprehensive of her and having a dragon drop dead in front of her. Gruesome but necessary to try to kick-start the story. She’s also got a letter from another character who has dropped a hint that she might want to look at everything she finds in the cabin.

So not masses have happened but getting there.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Days 11 & 12


Word counts first.

Day 11: 11,873 words

Day 12: 12,405 words

So what’s happened over the weekend?

Well, my word goal has dropped from 50k to 25k. It was just not going to happen this month with everything going on around me. At least, I can get as much of the story written as possible and write a basic outline of the story. I just want to write and this is the first time in a long while I have really felt like trying to write and going for it. That is my priority for now.

In terms of real story, my FMC is already beginning to talk to the dragon and her dog about what’s going on and her thoughts and feelings. This might seem like an odd thing to note but considering that my FMC will mainly be on her own for much of the rest of the story, it is important that the character starts developing this. Note just to help her work things out but also for her mental health.

Speaking of characters, the FMC and her crush have also decided to run away from me again by kissing in the forest and then she slapped him for doing so. It’s what happens when they apparently really want to be together but cannot. Quite a tune change from earlier. My characters can be evil like that.

My character has also finally arrived on the main island of the archipelago! Hurrah! Took me forever to get their but she is there finally and I can start the next part of the story properly. Maybe the words might be a little easier this time, maybe.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 10


Word Count: 9,867 words

Again not masses written. Just my character going for a walk with her dog and coming into contact with the dragon she had met before.

So not much to tell, again. Just hoping I will get more written with a few days free to write.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 9


Word Count: 9,787 words

Not much happened yesterday if I am being honest. Mostly it was my main character and her almost boyfriend getting into trouble with their boss for their argument (it had disturbed other rangers) and my main character packing up her life and getting ready to leave for her new job.

Since that is all that happened really, I can’t say much more.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 8


Word Count: 9,204 words

Yesterday, I came up with more questions than answers whilst writing but that’s a good thing as it gives me stuff to play with later. It is early enough in the novel to still be introducing sub-plots and plot points to follow-up and use later to further the drama and action.

One of the points is still up in the air but it’s about my main characters dog. I was planning on having her leave the dog behind but he’s suddenly going with her so wondering if I should actually kill the dog. What do people think? I would be grateful for some advice on that. I have no idea really what to do there.

The other is the revelation that the my main character and her crush are on bad terms at the moment because my main character wants to try a relationship despite the long distance and the chance she will never return to the mainland. Meanwhile he doesn’t want to try because he cannot stand the idea of her not being there, being a long distance boyfriend when he could never see her again. I understand the characters concerns and like the fact it has caused conflict between them but that leaves me with a problem: when do I resolve it and the finer points of how?

Still, as I said, that’s good because it gives me things to play with and use later. How is everyone else going? Do I kill the dog? Any ideas?

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 7


Word Count: 7,570

Very little to say as yesterday was mostly information dumping and getting my character to accept the job to push on the story. It also helped put into place certain points that revealed some things about characters and clues about the ending and later events.

So not much but pushing on.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 5 & 6


Word counts first.

Day 5: 3,358 words

Day 6: 6,643 words

As you might have guessed from my day 5 word count, very little got written, about a sentence or two so I didn’t post yesterday. Instead I focused on trying to catch up a bit and ended up discovering a lot about my story, including the nature of the organisation which owns the dragon archipelago. It actually also helped figure out one or two details from earlier in the story that I thought I would need to rewrite in its entirety.

I also had two characters admit they really liked each other. Something I did not expect considering a very lightly planned romance sub plot was going to be for emergency word count only. I do not think I am at that point but either way, it’s happened and not anywhere near what had been planned.

See, this is why I don’t plan stories too much. My characters like running off with their own ideas and I kind of just have to follow to keep up. As long as the main points and main events happen, that’s okay, right?

Know when you have those moments when things just click into place, either for the story, character(s) or both? Yesterday was one of those and it definitely helps as it leads into stuff that potentially could just write itself. Surely a good thing right when I am fairly behind at the moment!

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 4



Word Count: 3,328

Yes, I only wrote 109 words yesterday. Only words I wrote were just getting my character to the point where she got the phone call about the new job for the rest of the story. Otherwise, it was spent watching the new Thunderbirds show (pretty good) and trying to figure out which organisation is actually employing her to go north and protect the dragons.

I think I might have figured it out now, think and might being the operative words, so we will see where I go from there.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 3


Word Count: 3,024

Not much written really so only a short post. Yesterday’s writing mainly revolved round showing some of my main character’s home life and shows her work dog is very clever as it can knock on doors apparently. This is important because, if all goes to plan, this will form how the main character feels during her first year of isolation on the archipelago.

I have a few days to write now so hopefully I will catch up…hopefully.