Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 18


Day 18: 16,028 words

Main thing that happened yesterday: my FMC finally finished her letter to her love interest, with help from the little dragon following her around.

I seem to suddenly get a second wind as things started clicking, starting with having a storm blow in requiring her to go help the dragons before starting an environment assessment. Because of this assessment, she needs to go to the other islands. I won’t reveal too much more but suffice it to say I wrote a load of planning underneath the last bit I did to get things out of my head and written somewhere.

I think the second wind was influenced by something I ended up thinking yesterday: am I trying to do a story over too big of a time period? Considering my thinking about my FMC and the White Fire, maybe it should be shorter. It not only helps my wc (hopefully!), it might make it easier for me to actually write it.

I’m due for a second wind I think. I need it, desperately!

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