Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 15


Day 15: 13,740

Just wrote some description of the island and my FMC contemplating her discovery of the dead dragon.

So not much written but I have contemplated something from No Plot? No Problem! Namely, writing the scenes I want to or the main ones necessary and writing the filler scenes later. I think it would definitely be an idea as I do want to get the bare bones of the story down so if I decide to go back to it later, I can.

I know it’s silly to think like this but I feel like I am cheating a little. The aim of the event of course is to get a full story written or at least down on paper/the screen and that’s what I am doing but I feel I am cheating. I guess it’s because I am trying to write more so the idea of skipping scenes seems, well, wrong, to me.

Am I daft in thinking like this? Can anyone help here?


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