Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 8


Word Count: 9,204 words

Yesterday, I came up with more questions than answers whilst writing but that’s a good thing as it gives me stuff to play with later. It is early enough in the novel to still be introducing sub-plots and plot points to follow-up and use later to further the drama and action.

One of the points is still up in the air but it’s about my main characters dog. I was planning on having her leave the dog behind but he’s suddenly going with her so wondering if I should actually kill the dog. What do people think? I would be grateful for some advice on that. I have no idea really what to do there.

The other is the revelation that the my main character and her crush are on bad terms at the moment because my main character wants to try a relationship despite the long distance and the chance she will never return to the mainland. Meanwhile he doesn’t want to try because he cannot stand the idea of her not being there, being a long distance boyfriend when he could never see her again. I understand the characters concerns and like the fact it has caused conflict between them but that leaves me with a problem: when do I resolve it and the finer points of how?

Still, as I said, that’s good because it gives me things to play with and use later. How is everyone else going? Do I kill the dog? Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015: Day 8

  1. My first instinct is to shout, “Don’t kill the dog!” I’m one of those people who will watch a movie and sob at the death of an animal but be okay with most human deaths. Obviously, you do what you need to do to tell the story, but it would be interesting to have the dog be an extra sounding board for the character. She can complain to the dog about her almost-boyfriend, lament about how he doesn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship with her, talk about certain plot points, all that fun stuff.

    As for the boyfriend, is the book focused on him at all, or is this more about the character? How important is the boyfriend to the development and conflict of the book? Would the resolution to this problem serve the main plot in any way? Just keep writing and let it all play out its course. Because it’s nano, you can try out doing different ideas and scenes and have all the delicious extra words count toward your word goal.

    Best of luck! 🙂


    • Thank you for your advice.
      In regards to the dog, something I didn’t mention in the post (and should have, I accept) is the fact that there is a little dragon following them around. Without revealing too much, been thinking the dragon joins my FMC for plot reasons. I could have the dragon and the dog together but I think it’s best she has just one.
      In regards to the almost boyfriend, admittedly, it isn’t. It’s wordage and something that the characters sprung on me. Preliminary thoughts for the ending is that the boyfriend ends up travelling up to help my FMC. The is preliminary as I said so he could easily become essential to the plot, especially, as you said, this is NaNo so anything goes really.
      Thank you for your advice. Sincerely appreciate it.

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