Too Early?

Source: Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

First things first, sorry for not posting much this week. Second of all, this is a bit of a ramble, sorry. Again.

Perhaps it’s because it is the horrible back-end of January, I am bored and have, let’s face it, very little to do beyond job hunting but my brain is already thinking about Camp NaNoWriMo in April. And it’s started planning the story already.

I am not going to go into details now about the story (I need something to write about come end of March!) but me thinking about it has also got me thinking, is it too early to start planning anything? And what can I do between now and end of March? I am trying to write what I can at the moment, which is very little if I am being honest, but I am finding myself at a loose end. February brings Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year, things to write about but back-end of January can be so boring because it is back to the daily grind.

This past Monday (19th January) was the most depressing day of the year. Yes, we’ve had snow here in the UK with all the usual grinding to a halt that usually happens but beyond that, nothing. January is so quiet, it leads to me thinking and to me planning for April. I know it’s not a bad thing to plan early but considering I want to give myself stuff to do later in the year, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Anyone got ideas? Are you bored this January? What has everyone else been doing to keep boredom at bay? Also, is it too early to be thinking about April Camp session?


10 thoughts on “Too Early?

  1. I’ve been working on revisions of my NaNo 2013 novel again. I’m not sure if I want to do Camp NaNoWriMo, although it might give me that extra push to write those last couple chapters of my novel.

    What genre are you thinking of writing for Camp NaNo?


  2. I’m doing a reviews challenge to perk me up….January is a tough month 😦


  3. Its never too early to start planning. Research some cool things, work out how the systems in your world work, magic etc. Or just let it all mull over in the back of your mind and try some flash fiction competitions, there are loads out there from picture prompts to music prompts. I’ve got my last two novel ideas from a random prompt.
    P.S I’m really jealous of your snow. It never snows in my part of the UK. 😦


    • At the moment, I am just letting it mull in the back of my mind, doing a little world building here and there since it is set in an established world of my own already.
      The snow has almost all gone already alas. I prefer snow over hot weather personally.

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  4. January didn’t start off that bad for me. I wrote quite a lot, 5K in a week, roughly, which may not sound like much, but was; it was a variation of short stories and novel planning—then, I hit a wall this week. My mood switched and I’ve barely written a word for a whole 7 days, maybe 500 at most? I HOPE, that by next week, I’ll be back on track and this is just a blip that I’ll have to face once in a while. The boredom has been stemmed with a little bit of reading The Hobbit and blogging, but even that was scarce.

    To answer your question: no, of course not. If you’ve got the idea and motivation for it, I say take the chance. No matter how early!


    • You managed 5k in a week and your worried about me not thinking it sounds like a lot?! That’s more than I have written all this year! Go you!
      I might risk starting to plan fully if things keep going as they are for me. It’ll give me something to do.


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