Keep Writing!

The intention of this post really is to get an idea of who is still writing after National Novel Writing Month has finished and to give a little advice. Have people fallen by the wayside? Are they still writing? Are they working on the same story or another one?

Santa might be coming but don’t stop writing! Source: Google Images

It is post-NaNoWriMo and I am still writing the same story and it is still throwing up surprises. I am glad it is as it makes continuing to write it a joy. Let’s face it, once the amazing energy of the month of November has gone and we get ourselves ready for Santa to come, it is very easy to stop and give up. Having a goal to work towards has helped me as I am very goal orientated I have realised in the last few years but for others, it might be something completely different. The love of the story, the characters, the world the story is set in… Any manner of things can keep us writing.

Everyone has heard the advice to write everyday and it is possibly clichéd and overused but hearing it so often can only show that maybe it is good advice to follow. If you stop, it can be difficult to start again. It is a possible reason why people struggle with New Years Resolutions. We do it for a while, stop then pick it up again. The same goes with writing and if you wrote everyday during November, why not continue to write everyday? What about starting a journal or blog of some sort? Dreams, life, books, films; you could chronicle any number of things by sitting down and writing everyday.

If you loved your story from November and didn’t finish, why not keep going with it? If you did, go you! But keep going! Keep writing! If you joined write-in’s during NaNoWriMo, why not arrange more so people can set the guilt monkeys on you? See if your region has regular ones through the year.

In January and February, the NaNoWriMo website will be updated to give editing hints and tips and to get you going. Editing and rewriting is, perhaps, the toughest part of writing any type of story, from the short story to the novelling epics. Get your manuscript ready for then. Get it finished. Put it away to let it breathe. Work on something else then, in January, whilst hung over (or otherwise!), get it out and start reading through.

Just Don’t Stop Writing!

So who’s with me? Who’s writing? Or am I a lone voice shouting to no one in particular?

NaNoWriMo: Days 27-30

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So NaNo is over! My final word count, for the month at least, is 28,393.

I decided to bullet point out the rest of the story so I knew where I would be going with the story since I want to try to at least finish it. It seems my subconscious, through my characters, actually did like my original planning as it suddenly reappeared as I was bullet pointing it out, not in the same fashion but still there. Of course, that still could change in itself. Me and planning are the easiest of bedfellows!

I am wondering if I am going to succeed in completing the story in time for The “Now What?” Months in January and February. I can always try right? I do recommend having a read of Steven Chapman’s advice for keeping going and keep writing. You can find it at “They Think It’s All Over…”

This past month has been a bit mad, especially with everything happening personally, as well as having non-compliant characters and surprising changes. There are still some things I would add and take away and that’s partly why I am wanting to finish the story in time for “Now What?”. Even if it leads nowhere, I am curious about what I could do with it plus there is potential for a sequel.

We will just have to see what happens. I do want to keep writing everyday if possible, to take my mind away from other issues, but Tumblr may yet fulfil that role.