NaNoWrimo: Days 14-18

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A quick update.

Still behind on 16,097 and somehow I doubt I am going to hit 50k this month.

I am proud however. Considering how I haven’t managed to write much as of late due to my personal issues, I am proud of how much I have. A lot of re-jigging my plot over the last 18 days has led to a potentially better novel (more likely a novella) as well as making it more adult than anticipated.

I am just allowing myself to write now though and I am trying to finish the story at least, even if not this month. A friend of mine is offering to read my novel(la) once I finish so it makes me a bit more determined to read it as I would love to read hers too.

Will it get edited, rewritten, etc.? I don’t know. I guess we just have to see.

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