NaNoWriMo: Days 1-6

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Yes, I know. I am only just doing my first update for November NaNoWriMo 2014 but life has decided to suddenly explode and get in the way of good writing time. Unfortunately, that has meant I am more behind than I really want to be at this stage. Before I go any further, here are my word counts for the first six days:

Day 1: 2,117 words

Day 2: 3,064 words

Day 3: 3,406 words

Day 4: 3,923 words

Day 5: 6,160 words

Day 6: 8,201 words

My slow progress isn’t just because of life exploding but also because my MMC and the wife he suddenly announced existed on day 1, scene 1, have stuck their tongues out at me and decided to go running down a storyline that they wanted to do and not the storyline I had intended to do! At least, it has created more tension, more drama and some (what I think are) shock moments in the first 10,000 words. I hope that is a good thing.

Thankfully, my FMC has stuck to her storyline so far but I have a strong sneaking suspicion that she will soon decide to take her own detour and go down a different route. I am just hoping it does not deviate too far from the one I have in my head otherwise I will be pantsing this session more than I had anticipated. Pantsing hasn’t gone well for me in previous sessions (how many times have I said I need to plan more?!) but since I have more of an idea of what I want to happen and a rough idea of an end point, I should be fine.

With my current end point, I could have my next session novel already lined up, she say s hopefully now…

I had better go (have had a bit of a wobble this evening) and get some words done. I am just hoping it will make me feel better.


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Days 1-6

  1. You’re well ahead of me. I’ve barely picked up my pen the last two days.


  2. How are you doing now? Cheering from the sidelines 🙂


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