Townscaping: Naming Your Fake Town

I find naming things very difficult and I can’t be the only one so here’s a post to help.

Scott Tracey - Young Adult Writer


About nine months ago, I wrote a post about creating your own fake town.  To this day, it’s one of the most actively read posts on my blog – people are still finding me via that post.   And it’s still the reason why people FIND my blog.  So I figured I would do a series of posts, elaborating on some of those ideas.

First up: how and what to name your fake town.


Let’s face it.  Naming a fake town is one of the coolest parts of coming up with your own setting.  Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like Arkham, Idaho; Cemetery Junction, California; or Bloodlust, Indiana?  A fun name will keep you excited, it will (hopefully) intrigue your readers, and it  can really say something about the strange goings on in this sleepy Midwestern burb.

In my mind, there’s at least three different…

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How to Create Your Own Fake Town

This is well worth a read if you need help on creating a setting for your story. US-centric but definitely helpful.

Scott Tracey - Young Adult Writer

So one of the things I’m a fan of in novels is the “fake town.”  Also known as the “fictional city,” the “imaginary inlet,” or the “hypothetical hot spot.”  Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks of them like that?  Ahem.  Okay, moving on.

So what’s the point of crafting your own town to set the story in, versus using an established city.   I think the main benefit is the ease with which you can write.  If you use an established city, then you’re expected to do more research.  But if you create your own town, you can just make it all up as you go.  Now there are pros and cons to this.ptaerial

The pros are obvious:  you can build up the town however you like, and whatever’s going to make your job easier.  It has whatever history you want it to have.  Who cares if there’s not…

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NaNoWriMo: Days 19-26

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This new WordPress layout is still a little weird to me. Sorry, I needed to say that.

On the subject of NaNoWriMo, I am now up to 22,276 words so I am at least on target for 25k by the end of the month. I am however wondering if this story could go beyond the 25k that I thought it would be especially as I have realised after going back over stuff at the beginning that I have a bit more story to play with than I thought. This could end up going up to 30,000 words. Well, we shall see?

I am also privately amused that I managed to bring in two of my characters from my university dissertation into the novel and not just for kicks. They actually played a part in establishing a bit more of the world and where places are in relation to one another. Job well done I say.

I know we haven’t hit the end of the month yet so it is probably a bit early to start thinking about the editing part of NaNoWriMo. If you are unsure what I am talking about, on your dash, there are virtual badges for making your novel on the website, hitting different targets, validating, donating, etc. and one that, when you hover over it, says: “You can’t make a revision promise yet. You’ll be able to promise to revise your novel once November ends.” I believe this is in reference to some things they post from January onwards about revising and editing your NaNo. At least, I seem to remember they did last year.

I think I might join in with that as I think I am onto something with this. I say think because, well, personal issues are causing me a lot of problems as I have mentioned before but it’ll keep me entertained, a little, maybe come January, right?

NaNoWrimo: Days 14-18

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A quick update.

Still behind on 16,097 and somehow I doubt I am going to hit 50k this month.

I am proud however. Considering how I haven’t managed to write much as of late due to my personal issues, I am proud of how much I have. A lot of re-jigging my plot over the last 18 days has led to a potentially better novel (more likely a novella) as well as making it more adult than anticipated.

I am just allowing myself to write now though and I am trying to finish the story at least, even if not this month. A friend of mine is offering to read my novel(la) once I finish so it makes me a bit more determined to read it as I would love to read hers too.

Will it get edited, rewritten, etc.? I don’t know. I guess we just have to see.

NaNoWriMo: Days 7-13

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Another delayed update. I know! Sorry!

I’m not going to go through my word counts since I have struggled with finding time but suffice it to say my current word count is 12,125 words. I’ve got slightly stuck with it. It could be week 2 slump but I have struggled to work out how to get where I need to go, especially with characters not playing nice. Meanwhile, I am now worrying that my story could be done too quickly before I even hit 25k.

Still, I have stuff to play with afterwards on my FMC, MMC and his wife and their relationship. Granted, the likelihood of me hitting 50k this month is pretty low with all my personal problems going on in the background. But you can’t blame for trying…right?

Support please?