#NaNoPrep 10: Keep the Wheels of Noveling Turning

If you are able to support NaNoWriMo, even just via GoodSearch, go for it!

Creativity In The Box

NaNoWriMo has brought me an incredible amount of joy over the years, and I hope that anyone reading this is about to embark on that journey or is already as fond of it as I am. My friends all do NaNo, and it’s the one time of year when I really allow myself to sit down and write for the sheer love of it. Some days it can seem like a chore, and then I remember that it’s NaNoWriMo and whatever I want to do can go in this novel. When the rainbow space hamsters make sense, you know it’s November.

I really do hope that you’re going to enjoy this coming month as much as I will. But there’s one organisation that makes it all possible, makes sure that there’s someone nearby organising events for you to go to, keeping the website up and running so you can share…

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