#NaNoPrep 8: Enjoy the fresh air whilst you can

Also see your loved ones!

Creativity In The Box

NaNoWriMo is coming! Hide! No, wait, the other thing.

If I were on track, this would have been several days ago, and you would have an extra two days to follow my advice. Instead, I’ve been following my advice. In the northern hemisphere the nights are drawing in, the clocks are changing, the leaves are dropping, and the weather is turning towards winter. There’s a bite in the air, although not much of one in England at the moment, and everything smells of autumn.

Now is a good time to get out and enjoy it. If the weather allows, go and sit in your city centre and watch the birds feeding up for winter, the early Christmas shoppers and the confused first years settling into university. Take a tea or coffee to keep you warm and a notebook to keep your notes, because town is full of inspiration. If you’re…

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