#NaNoPrep 4: Find your story

NaNo Prep post number five!

Creativity In The Box

As with gathering your stationery, this one could well take the rest of the month. You might already know exactly what you want to write or, like me, you could have no clue at all. Right now I have a million ideas, but none of them really catches my attention. The one that has is one I’m not entirely comfortable sharing with the world just yet, and that’s always been one of the fun bits of NaNo for me.

So what I need to do is write all my ideas down on one of those big pieces of paper I mentioned, and see what comes of them in colour. See which idea gathers the most notes (and know that I’ll probably abandon it in favour of something else in week 2.)

If you know what you’re going to write, now is a good time to get cosy with it. I…

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