#NaNoPrep 2: Prepare your space

My work space for this NaNo? Um… My bedroom I guess.
If you can work with others around, write-in’s with other NaNo-ers in your area could be a good way to boost your word count. Make sure to join and check your local region’s forum on the NaNo website for sessions near you. If I work up the courage, I might also be attending some local write-ins in my region.

Creativity In The Box

If you’re going to write 50,000 words, unless you’re a terrifyingly fast writer, you’re going to be at it for a while. The idea is that you slog through for 30 days, really. So where are you going to spend those 30 days?

You’re going to need sustenance, comfort and sufficient peace and quiet. My writing processes require music but no conversation, tea or hot chocolate, and some form of alcohol. We’re all different. You need to prepare your space, though. Coffee shops are excellent writing spaces if you like to watch people and put them into your novels, and they do provide a ready supply of tea and cake. Libraries are quiet but full of distractions, and a distinct lack of tea. Your own home may be full of children or cats, as mine is, and I could quite honestly get 50,000 words from them walking across the keyboard…

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