Top Tip Of The Week

Anyone got any advice on titling? I seriously struggle with it, as my blog may show.


A Tantalising Title!

Some of my students have asked me whether it’s important to give a short story a title. The answer is a huge yes! When a magazine editor/short story judge is faced with a big pile of short stories, one with an eye-catching/intriguing title will instantly have him/her interested in reading your story. Read the following titles and see how they make you want to read the actual story:

  • The Secret Diary of a Serial Killer
  • The Unborn
  • The Hanging
  • In Search of Dinosaurs
  • Screaming Point
  • Not What I Wanted
  • The Final Journey
  • Watching

I’m sure you’re now thinking up plenty of your own. Hopefully they’ll also spark off a story idea!

Have a great weekend. Here’s my Friday funny for you:


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