7 inspiring writers’ retreats

Does anyone have their own Writers Retreats? What makes it perfect for you to write?

Heritage Calling

1. Henry Williamson’s self-built sanctuary

.. Oxford Cross (Grade II), Georgeham, Devon

For many writers, the ambiance in which they work matters.  Recently listed, this writing hut was built by Henry Williamson in 1929 from the proceeds of Tarka the Otter, and he went on to write more than 50 novels in this simple yet characterful writing sanctuary.

2. T.S. Eliot’s seaside shelter

Nayland Rock promenade shelter overlooking Margate Sands, listed at Grade II. © JohntheFinn

Some locations are used only fleetingly.  T.S. Eliot was in Margate for three weeks in autumn 1921 as part of a rest cure following a mental breakdown.  In a letter he wrote that he had started work on the poem The Waste Land during his stay, some of which we know was written in this shelter.

3. George Bernard Shaw’s garden hut

.. In the grounds of Shaw’s Corner (Grade II*), Hertfordshire   © Eric Meyer

Dubbed “London”, the name…

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