The writing bag

In a way, I do have a writing bag. A lot of my writing files are digital and either reside on my laptop or on external hard drives and USB sticks but copies of my university dissertation novella are in folders along with pens in a canvas library bag.
This is definitely an excellent idea though if you don’t necessarily do your writing at home or are lucky enough to be able to write at work. What do people think? Would you keep a writing bag packed like Diane or is it something you would do if you could?

Tales From Baggins Bottom

A while ago I mentioned that I have a writing bag. At the time a few people asked for more information, but I’ve been a bit busy moving house, moving office, getting on top of work. So I’ve not had chance to organise the bag properly.

However, on Wednesday, when I took the car in for its MOT, I packed an up-to-date writing bag so that I wasn’t carrying unnecessary stuff.

And here it is:

Bag 2

It’s a little out of focus, but I think you get the picture.

The bag itself is a Penguin book bag I think I bought from the book shop at Sheffield Hallam University not long after I moved to Yorkshire.

The purple A4 folder on the bottom has all of my 2nd and 3rd short-WiP drafts in. The 2nd drafts are in a sprial bound A4 notebook; the 3rd drafts are typed. All are awaiting…

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2 thoughts on “The writing bag

  1. Hey, thanks for the re-blog. And thank for dropping by. I’ve added you to my blogroll. 🙂


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