First 5 Minutes of How To Train Your Dragon 2


If you don’t want the film spoiling for you, read no further!

Yahoo Movies has posted the first five minutes of the next instalment in the How To Train your Dragon franchise! From the clip, it seems everything that has already been released is all from the beginning though with added extra little bits and Yahoo Movies has also included an article on the same page comparing Toothless to cats.

Watch the first five minutes of the next film at

I am super excited for this film and cannot wait for the UK release. What are you looking forward to in the next film? Is there anything you hoping they won’t do or will improve on from the last film? Is there anything from Riders of Berk or Defenders of Berk you hope will appear in the film?

Don’t be afraid to comment and share your ideas.


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Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 13-20

2014 Participant Banner

This month has truly gone to pot.

Day 13: 8,042 Words

Day 14: 8,042 Words

Day 15: 8,042 Words

Day 16: 8,042 Words

Day 17: 8,042 Words

Day 18: 8,042 Words

Day 19: 8,744 Words

Day 20: 8,744 Words

As you can see, I have barely written this month. I know part of the problem is my laziness, another part is that life got in the way for a few days. There have been issues with my characters too. They just won’t behave and push the story forward. Forcing them together as a couple got me words on day 19 but I am realising now that the characters are not as well-rounded and as well-developed as I thought.

This might just be me but I find I can plan out the story, know the important points, turning points, do the research etc. but if the characters are not working, not developed, they won’t, talk to me, if you will. I know this sounds odd and the old muse excuse but I do find it’s true under certain circumstances. This is one of them I find.

With this in mind, I have lowered my word goal again  (to 15,000 words this time) and have decided to change stories. The original story is feeling too much like flogging a dead horse and I just can’t go ahead with it whilst the characters are under developed. I have all the planning necessary to go back to it one day but not now. I don’t want to give up on this session and want to keep writing with some form of goal so am allowing myself a change in story and keep writing. The story is something I have written before for a different NaNoWriMo but now, the story is changing in my mind and I want to have a go at writing this other version.

So here’s to having a new crack at NaNo and perhaps put me still in with a chance to get a win and a certificate this month!

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DeBlois and Baruchel at WonderCon 2014

Dean Deblois, How To Train Your Dragon 2 Director, and Jay Baruchel, the voice of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, were at WonderCon at Anaheim Convention Centre this weekend promoting the new film and answering questions from the Press!

Check out part 1 here:

And Part 2 here:


Writing only looks easy. But it can be learned.

Some great words of advice here. Never throw away your old stuff. Keep everything. Maybe, in the future, you can go back to it and realise you can use or recycle some of it.

Matthew Wright

Writing isn’t something you can sit down and do without training. It only looks that way.

Spot my title in the middle... Spot my title in the middle…

I’ve noticed, of late, various posts and comments around the blog-o-sphere along the lines of ‘my book is good, because I got positive comments on Good Reads (or Amazon, or Smashwords), so why did an agent say it was terrible?’

Or ‘I got positive comments on Good Reads, but the agent said the book needed this-and-this-and-this…’

Why? There’s no soft way to say this. Fact is that neither writer nor on-line reviewer actually knew what constituted a good book – meaning not just an abstract measure of quality and authorial competence, but what’s required for a specific market.

Agents do. So do commissioning editors.

What’s happened is that the aspiring writer’s sat down and thought ‘I want to be a writer’ – usually, meaning ‘novellist’. They’ve then churned out…

View original post 293 more words

New HTTYD 2 News

Dreamworks has released a new clip from the new film.

Dragon racing is the new sport of Berk, which seems to include scoring goals with sheep! No spoilers here! Just the poor sheep from the isle of Berk not getting a break!

Check out the new clip over on Berk’s Grapevine at

If you are heading to the Cannes Film Festival, you might be in for a treat. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is set to have its world première at the festival! Find out more and what else has been selected for Cannes at

Derek Landy Reveals Title Of Final Skulduggery Pleasant Book

Oh Mr Landy. How you love to tease us!

In a video posted on Monday, Landy announced the title of the last Skulduggery Pleasant series. Promising a year to remember (grandly titled “The Year of the Requiem”), he sounds like the evil genius that he is as he revealed that the last book will be called Skulduggery Pleasant: the Dying of the Light. He offers no clues about the actual events of the book but has said that it will tear our souls in two. I think it is safe to say though that a few boxes of tissues, tubs of ice cream and other aides will be needed to deal with this last book.

Watch the video here: Skulduggery Book 9 — title announcement

P.S.: Yes, I know I am behind with posting about this but give me a break! I’ve been busy!