Writing only looks easy. But it can be learned.

Some great words of advice here. Never throw away your old stuff. Keep everything. Maybe, in the future, you can go back to it and realise you can use or recycle some of it.

Matthew Wright

Writing isn’t something you can sit down and do without training. It only looks that way.

Spot my title in the middle... Spot my title in the middle…

I’ve noticed, of late, various posts and comments around the blog-o-sphere along the lines of ‘my book is good, because I got positive comments on Good Reads (or Amazon, or Smashwords), so why did an agent say it was terrible?’

Or ‘I got positive comments on Good Reads, but the agent said the book needed this-and-this-and-this…’

Why? There’s no soft way to say this. Fact is that neither writer nor on-line reviewer actually knew what constituted a good book – meaning not just an abstract measure of quality and authorial competence, but what’s required for a specific market.

Agents do. So do commissioning editors.

What’s happened is that the aspiring writer’s sat down and thought ‘I want to be a writer’ – usually, meaning ‘novellist’. They’ve then churned out…

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New HTTYD 2 News

Dreamworks has released a new clip from the new film.

Dragon racing is the new sport of Berk, which seems to include scoring goals with sheep! No spoilers here! Just the poor sheep from the isle of Berk not getting a break!

Check out the new clip over on Berk’s Grapevine at http://www.berksgrapevine.com/2014/04/one-minute-clip-black-sheep.html

If you are heading to the Cannes Film Festival, you might be in for a treat. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is set to have its world première at the festival! Find out more and what else has been selected for Cannes at http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/article/60533.html.

Derek Landy Reveals Title Of Final Skulduggery Pleasant Book

Oh Mr Landy. How you love to tease us!

In a video posted on Monday, Landy announced the title of the last Skulduggery Pleasant series. Promising a year to remember (grandly titled “The Year of the Requiem”), he sounds like the evil genius that he is as he revealed that the last book will be called Skulduggery Pleasant: the Dying of the Light. He offers no clues about the actual events of the book but has said that it will tear our souls in two. I think it is safe to say though that a few boxes of tissues, tubs of ice cream and other aides will be needed to deal with this last book.

Watch the video here: Skulduggery Book 9 — title announcement

P.S.: Yes, I know I am behind with posting about this but give me a break! I’ve been busy!

Writers’ rights with Moral Rights – a quick guide

If you are wanting to become a professional writer, I highly recommend reading this post.

Matthew Wright

A reader asked the other week what ‘Moral Right’ meant. It’s an interesting area for writers.

Wright_SydneyNov2011Moral right differs from copyright. You own copyright on anything you create, by default. The copyright holder, alone, has the right to copy the work, but also has the power to grant a license to others to do so. When you sign a publishing contract, you – as copyright holder – are granting them a license to reproduce your material. Usually the copyright holder receives a royalty for each copy sold under that license. However, copyright is transactable – you can sell that copyright, along with the licenses, to somebody else. Then they get the royalties from the sales of the work.

That’s how the Beatles’ back catalogue ended up with Michael Jackson, for instance. It’s also how the film rights for The Hobbit ended up where they did, because apparently Tolkien sold that particular right in…

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Camp NaNoWriMo: Days 6-12

2014 Participant Banner

Sorry for the lack of updates. I will explain what has happened but first, word counts:

Day 6: 4,058 words

Day 7: 5,020 words

Day 8: 5,020 words

Day 9: 5,398 words

Day 10: 5,965 words

Day 11: 5,965 words

Day 12: 8,042 words

So, as you can see, I have struggled to keep writing and this has been due to my job search and lack of time and, sometimes, motivation to write. People will probably say I should drop out but really, it’s a nice challenge for me to have to keep me going. Otherwise, I would probably just not write at all and then I will struggle to get writing again.

I have avoided posting on here as I had hoped I would get more time to write and so give my word count a good boost so would be able to post better progress. Yesterday NaNo Marathon did help as did the live videos on YouTube but not enough for me to realistic expect to have written 50,000 words by the end of the month. So I have dropped my target by 20,000 to 30,000 words for this month. It should still give me a decent length novella.

I have planned to a degree for this month as I have mentioned earlier but it seems I have failed to realise this novel will probably have to take place over a shorter time span than anticipated or even to adjust when certain events happen in story time. Not a massive problem (especially as it is looking less and less likely that I will edit this novel after this month). Just means accepting this will probably make it easier for me to write and get my word count, especially with the lowered target.

In basic, that is why I have not been posting my Camp NaNoWriMo word counts.

2014 Participant Banner 2

“When asked, “H…

This has a small expletive in it. Just thought it best if I give warning.

Write And Day

“When asked, “How do you write?” I invariably answer, “One word at a time,” and the answer is invariably dismissed. But that is all it is. It sounds too simple to be true, but consider the Great Wall of China, if you will: one stone at a time, man. That’s all. One stone at a time. But I’ve read you can see that motherf****r from space without a telescope.”
– Stephen King

A quick shoutout to all of those writers ploughing on through Camp NaNoWriMo – Only a couple of weeks to go!

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Exercise the wr…


Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up.
– Jane Yolen

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Final How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer Released!

Dreamworks today posted the final trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2! This trailer shows us a lot more than we have seen before, gives us clues that we are about to see and learn a lot more about our favourite dragons and many new ones. It also includes part of the Itchy Armpit clip!

Watch it here:

I am SUPER excited for this film and cannot wait for its release. From what I can find, UK release is slated for July.

Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction short list released

This years short list for the Bailey Women’s Prize for Fiction is dominated by debut authors. Formerly known as the Orange Prize for Fiction, the winner receives a £30,000 prize.  Books must be written in English by a woman to be eligible for the award, no matter their geographical location, age or subject of their writing.

The short listed books and authors are:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Americanah (Fourth Estate)

Hannah Kent – Burial Rites (Picador)

Jhumpa Lahiri – The Lowland(Bloomsbury)

Audrey Magee – The Undertaking (Atlantic Books)

Eimear McBride – A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing

(Galley Beggar/Faber and Faber)

Donna Tartt – The Goldfinch (Little, Brown)

Find out more about the prize and the books on the BBC News website.