Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 5

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Word Count: 4,058 words.

Yet again, the characters have taken over the novel but I feel it was necessary as I realise my novel plan is making things go very slow. the down side to hit however is the fact that things are having to be brought forward which could have a big impact on my word count. I am aiming for 50,000 words but it might be a case I am forced to move my target down to accommodate for the novel.

So still a few days behind but I am coming up to a point where there is a lot of exposition so my word count might just get that boost I need. After all, my FMC has just discovered that there are werewolves on the Shetland Islands. Whether she is going to freak out yet, I don’t know but again, it might be a word booster right?

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