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Just a quick post about researching and planning for Camp NaNoWriMo.

So I have done something this week that I rarely do, especially for something like NaNoWriMo: I part planned my novel for next month. I do plan a little for ventures like NaNo but otherwise I let it run its course. The thing is, I do know that planning does help with NaNo and other creative ventures.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the necessary need for planning. When I do plan, I will plan the important moments, the turning points, when certain information is revealed but I also like keep things a little loose so if I have any flashes of inspiration or realise I could do something in a better way, the planning is not too restrictive for me not to explore the option. If it goes wrong, I can get rid of what I have written and go back to the original plan.

As well as planning, I have done a lot of research for the locations of my April novel which has sparked further ideas and helped me figure out other things about characters, etc. for the novel. Reading and research I find is great for helping a writer figure things out, providing the writer doesn’t get sidetracked and “researching” things that are of no help. Then it’s procrastination.

Research and planning are a good idea in conclusion. Especially if it helps to figure things out and keep the novel on track to get to the end and, in this case, finish the challenge that is Camp NaNoWriMo.

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