Write it now: professionalism pays hidden dividends

Well worth a look.

Matthew Wright

It has long been a source of frustration to me that writers sometimes act as if writing is a pastime, not a profession.

sleeping-man-with-newspapers-mdYou know the stereotype. The author casually rises about ten, saunters off for a leisurely breakfast over the morning paper, then spends half an hour or so at the typewriter before the muse departs. Afternoons involve a relaxed hour or four sipping pina coladas by the pool, ignoring the impetuous jangling of the phone as their publisher tries to find out where the manuscript has gone. Life is so full of angst! Don’t bother me with details of….business…

It was highlighted by the contract I had to sign when I appeared in the 2007 Auckland Writers and Readers festival – in which I had to guarantee I’d be in the Green Room ahead of my speaking time and not asleep in my hotel room.

I raised that with…

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