How to sit your butt down and write a book already

A great anecdote that I know many people will be able to relate to and how NaNoWriMo helped this person sit down and write that novel!

Novel Metropolis

So here’s the thing: I’ve been writing since I was eight or nine, when we had creative writing time at school. That was when I’d pull out my blue notebook, (the one with the lines spaced close together just the way I liked it) and work on my Power Rangers fan fiction.

But even in all the years that followed, after committing–and this is an educated guess–umpteen gazillion words to paper and screen, I still hadn’t written a full book.


Well it’s not like I wasn’t trying. But I’d get partway into a book, decide it was crap and go back and edit, get bored and start another book, decide that was crap and go back and edit, get bored again, and the cycle continued. So I had bunch of half finished books that, while beautiful from the waist up, could only drag their legless bodies around story purgatory…

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