NaNoWriMo Fail

Exactly as the title says, I failed NaNo. Before I continue, here’s the numbers:

Day 21: 27,134 words

Day 22: 28,249 words

Day 23: 28,249 words

Day 24: 30,033 words

Day 25: 33,044 words

Day 26:  33,044 words

Day 27: 33,044 words

Day 28: 33,044 words

Day 29: 34,064 words

Day 30: 38,737 words

Yep, fell well short of the 50,000 words I was chasing. So what have I learned this time?

One: Yes, I definitely need to plan the whole thing, even if it’s just loosely, with an idea of what needs to happen at different points and need to at least know how the novel is going to end.  That would definitely have helped. This is how I normally work but it just wasn’t happening with this story. And on that note…

Two: Make sure I develop the story better so I actually know what I am writing about. Helps tremendously!

Three: Setting out with a theme in mind to write about works for some people but not me. I just can’t do it.

Four: In future, re-read these reflections type posts for NaNo. I said last time I needed to plan better and more efficiently!

Five: I love the Sly games! But perhaps they are better times for me to be watching them, like, after getting the day’s word count and possibly also if I am actually writing a crime novel, it could help.

Six: Have a back up word processing program on stand by, just in case!

Seven: Doing more research on my themes and deciding on names, etc. BEFORE NaNo could be a big advantage!

Eight: Don’t be a coward! Go to write-in’s! Could well have helped me stay writing the same story all month!

Nine: Find good places to hide away from the world and write. Connecting to number eight here but I also need to stop being a coward and ask the folks in my local libraries service about use of laptops, etc. in the library.

Ten: Just keep writing when I hit a block instead of not writing at all. Could have really bumped the wc.

There are probably other things I have discovered this past NaNo but for now, these are definitely the main things.



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