NaNoWriMo Word Count Update Days 13 and 14

Word Count: 19,872 words

Not too many words written, partly because I am so far behind now and I am getting a little demoralised.

I am NOT quitting NaNoWriMo but I am going to be ignoring the wc’s for now whilst I focus on writing. Another reason I am going to be focusing on writing is because the story has deviated rather wildly from what I originally planned back at the start of October when I got the idea for the novel. I have been looking at some of my original planning whilst writing in the last couple of days and realised I need to go back to those original ideas as I like them better than what I have actually got and written.

I’m not going to be abandoning completely what I have but I am going to be, conveniently shall we say, ignoring some of the details and story stuff I have already written to focus on the original story that I had in October.

I will be posting updates occasionally for the rest of the month but they are certainly not going to up to par for the days wc’s suggested for NaNo. I might even get back my passion for the story.



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