Cunning plans for pushing through the creative flat spot

I think I might do one or two of these suggestions. Might help me get through the black spot I am having at the moment.

Matthew Wright

In all the years I’ve been writing books it’s always been the same. Somewhere along the way there’s a flat spot.

1195430130203966891liftarn_Writing_My_Master_s_Words_svg_medIt’s the point where inspiration or enthusiasm wanes, but the deadline is still there and has to be met. It hits most authors, and it seems to happen irrespective of what’s being written – or its length. Right now, I figure a lot of NaNoWriMo entrants might be hitting that wall.

Remember – if it’s flat for you to write, it’ll probably also be flat for your readers to read. Is there a way around it? Sure is. In fact, if there wasn’t, books wouldn’t be finished. I’ve got a few strategies for dealing with it.

1. If time permits, stick the book in a drawer and write something else for a few days or weeks. For me, anyway, there’s usually more than one thing on the go.  A change is as…

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