NaNo Update Day 3

So day 3 saw me break through yesterday’s word count and hit 7,075 words before giving up for the night last night. Not long after, I had the Police arresting a someone just outside my house and the helicopter flying around for about half an hour so maybe it was a good thing I gave up when I did. Doubt I could have got much more done last night after that.

I had some developments in my novel. My main character could be moving out from her parents home sooner than anticipated and it’s possible that the novel could actually deviate from my original basic idea, basic in that I had just an idea of what I want to happen and no ending. This new development could actually lead to a clearer idea of what is going to happen and give me an idea of what the ending is. Hopefully, this will help me write it further.

Today, I realised that my mc only needs one sister. The other is kind of, well, redundant. The remaining one shows what I want to show. So I am already axing one character but she is staying in for now (barely mentioned I suspect) so I can keep the words for my word count. I haven’t started writing yet as I am puppy sitting during the day but hopefully, my word count will continue to grow once I do get on with writing. Providing I don’t get sidetracked again by a Sly 4 walk through again!



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