Unprepared and Don’t Care – Prepping for NaNoWriMo

In the past I have had stuff at somewhere near planned, a clear idea of plot, characters, locations, etc. but this year, well, the idea is there, the plot kind of, 2 characters at least somewhere near developed, the location is about as vague as it possibly can be (in other words, I need to do A LOT of world building!), I have no idea where my novel sits in terms of genre really (apart from its fantasy with social commentary) and in general, I really need to crack on with getting this at least halfway planned.


The Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society

It’s just a little over two weeks until NaNoWriMo begins. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying.

There are things to do.

Finish the fall cleaning.

Get as much of the menu-planning and grocery shopping for November done before the month begins as is possible.

Reiterate to family and friends again and again and again that all of my weekends between from October 26-December 7 are booked already.

And despite the fact that almost all of the dates, times, and venues we need for the local regional events (oh, btw, Michelle and I are Municipal Liaisons for NaNoWriMo) have been confirmed, and I know what story I’ll be writing, I still feel woefully unprepared.

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