I really should be writing…

Okay, so I just felt like blogging today.

I should be writing a review for a mock-dating advice book for human girls looking to get a vampire bf and I should be getting on with writing an article for a friend of mine for a new magazine she is looking to set up (something on literature festivals) and I should be getting on and catching up with writing my flash fictions for the Autumn/Fall Writing Challenge and I should also be getting on with planning and world building and ensuring I do at least have some form of plot for NaNoWriMo. I told myself I wasn’t doing it this year as I have things like job hunting and novel redrafting to catch up on but my mind (or my heart, or possibly even the story that I am playing with, not sure which) has put its foot down and demanded that I must do NaNoWriMo this November and write that story.

So I should be doing all the above. And I do want to write. And I do want to be getting on with it but I’m not finding it too easy to do so as me and mum are dog sitting my brother’s puppy, the sister to our own puppy, and the two pups combined are proving very difficult to look after as it seems I need to have at least one eye, one ear and half of my brain watching them constantly. I also can’t take my laptop downstairs to write on because I know, given half the chance, both pups will chew my charger cable. Another part of my brain just wants me to read and just enjoy what October and Autumn brings (I love this time of the year!), another part is demanding I relieve my cabin fever and at least have a wander up the street and another part of my brain is forcing me to watch my step and how I sit and everything to make sure I don’t cause myself unnecessary pain and discomfort from my knee.

Then there is the part of me that wants me to write but can’t because of all the above. The only reason I am writing now is because my mum has come home so is caring for the pups but I am still having to hide in my bedroom to get any peace and quiet (and to avoid the cable getting chewed).

I have all this running in my head whilst thinking, I should be writing! I should be planning! I should be doing everything else but dealing with everything else that is happening.

Now, thankfully, some of the issues I am having are temporary or can be done in combination with writing whilst others are things that will need me to sacrifice some writing time to accomplish.

Either way, I really should finish this post, do my physiotherapy and then maybe review the book. If not that, then getting on with the other bits of writing and planning I need to do.


6 thoughts on “I really should be writing…

  1. Stop shoulding on yourself! You “shouldn’t” be doing anything. ❤


  2. It’s a quote from Joseph Campbell about using intuition to do the thing that makes us happiest – that THAT’s where we can be the most productive.


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