Freedom to read

Don’t forget that it is Banned Books week, this week!


Wakefield Libraries

BelovedCaptain UnderpantsFifty shadesKite runner
What do these books have in common?

This week, libraries and bookshops in America are celebating Banned Books week, which highlights attempts to get various titles removed from bookshops, schools or libraries because of their content. It also celebrates all the times that this has failed.

The books pictured above are from their list of books most complained about in 2012. Many books have been banned by various countries: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was banned in Ireland in 1932 for its sexual content, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales were banned in America in 1873 for obscenity. China banned Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham for it’s apparent depiction of early communism and United Arab Emirates banned Orwell’s Animal Farm for containing references to pigs.

There is a list of books that have been banned at various times here

Whatever you have chosen to read this week, sombody would probably like to…

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