Sixty second writing tips: music to my writers’ block

I like to listen movie soundtracks when writing but I have never thought of listening to music to help me when I have writer’s block. I think I will give this ago next time I get stuck.


Matthew Wright

We all know, I think, about music and writing – how different music can sets different writing moods.

You’re pretty much guaranteed to write something different while jouncing along to Katy Perry than you would if you hurled Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries through your sound system.

It’s a powerful technique and one I figured I could take a step further by using it as a device to un-stick writers’ block. Normally I either write in silence, or classical – no vocals – because words interfere with the ones I am trying to think of.

I got stuck the other day, though. Drastically. Which called for drastic measures. Specifically, a change of music to Nightwish at planet-cracking volume. Then Epica.

It worked. Sudden shift of ambience. Sudden shift of thought. Sudden shift of neighbours. I’d recommend it to any writer who’s stuck. Or has annoying neighbours.

Does changing the writing ambience…

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One thought on “Sixty second writing tips: music to my writers’ block

  1. And starting in June of 2014, I would suggest the HTTYD2 soundtrack as a module. 🙂


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