Scene vs. Summary: Staying in the Moment

I really recommend having a read of this.

Don't be "a writer."

“Condition yourself to stay in the moment and write through it.”

When one of my creative writing professors said this, he was trying to stress the importance of scene over summary after he saw our tendency, time and again, to build up tension and conflict in our scenes, only to back off and move into summary.

scene vs summary

The blog Writing with Celia does a thorough explanation of the difference between scene and summary, so I’ll just say a little bit about why the distinction is important, and how you can go about balancing your prose.

The kind of summary my professor was talking about is not the kind you start or close a chapter with, or that you use to fill in background details (though there’s something to be said for using less of that, too).  No, this is more about choosing which moments to make scenes, and which to…

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