Try Reading

This is a great programme. As someone who has not long since left the compulsory education system and now have a nephew going through it, I know schools can turn children off reading for pleasure and there seems to be very little encouragement and chances to write freely and creatively and especially when it is not for exams or preparation for exams.
If schools want books in the future for children to read, then they need to foster creative writing because without writers, there will be no books.

Wakefield Libraries

IMG_5935 (2)
Try Reading is a project libraries all over the north of England are running leading up to the Rugby League World Cup this autumn. Sports clubs and libraries are working together to encourage more people to enjoy reading, creative writing and drama. As part of the project, children at St Joseph Catholic Primary School Castleford enjoyed a fun-filled day.

IMG_5922 (2)

The library Outreach Team worked with the school, Castleford Tigers and The Yew Tree Youth Theatre delivering a non stop day of activities to encourage children not only to read but to get them involved in dance, sport and drama. Throughout the day Castleford Tiger players and TJ the mascot joined in the activities and visited the classes whilst the team were reading a story and promoting the Summer Reading Challenge.

There are two Try Reading events this summer for all the family to enjoy. Author Tom Palmer will be holding…

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