Artemis Fowl book to be made into a film

Now, this is something I know a lot of Colfer fans (including myself) have hoped for, for years and today I discovered that the book is officially being developed as a live-action film. It is going to be made by Disney, produced by Harvey Weinstein and the script written by Michael Goldenberg who wrote the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix script.

I am sincerely excited by this and cannot wait for it to hit the big screen but I do have a concern about it. According to the Daily Mail report (found here): “The live action film […] will be based on the first and second instalments of the best-selling series, which has sold 21 million copies around the world.” Why would you combine Artemis Fowl and Arctic Incident? They are two very distinct books and I don’t think it would work.

It annoys me anyway when they combine two books into one film script. Granted, you do lose some of the original book in a film script anyway (case in point, the Harry Potter franchise). It’s matter of life and the way it is when it comes to adaption of one type of media into film particularly but if you combine the first two books, you would lose even more of the books! I hope against hope that Colfer has a lot of input on the script to prevent this from happening but I am still worried about the film, despite my excitement for it.


2 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl book to be made into a film

  1. I’ve read the first book. Hopefully the film would be good.


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