Camp NaNoWriMo Day 22

2013 Banner 2

So yesterday, I only just managed to get my word count for the day in spite of the fact that my brain was sparking an idea for a story due to me looking up my university’s academic dress. Well, that plus my mind is still a bit bored of this novel… Not a particularly good time…

When I was writing for NaNo, I’ve ended up abusing my poor locked up character by having her be forceful showered with a hose (think Shawshank Redemption) before being sexually assaulted and being abused as she’s taken back to her cell. So yeah, rather grim.

I would just like to quickly say that this is all fiction naturally and I know the ICC and the Convention of Human Rights would prevent this behaviour and I’m not saying this does happen in real life!

But yeah, that was about the extent of what I wrote yesterday. Not much.

I still have to do today’s writing but I’ve been a bit busy, not least of all because I found myself getting roped in to babysit my nephews. Only reason I am managing to write this is because we have got the older one of my nephews watching Wizard of Oz and I’ve been able to move to my bedroom to write and get a bit of peace and quiet. Can’t see it lasting but I am just grateful for the time I do have now.

Word Count: 24,986 words



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