Why Write “Strong Female Characters”?

I found this earlier today and I think he has some extremely good points. I don’t set out to write this type of character or that as I feel characters should be allowed to grow organically within the confines of the story and they make for interesting and great stories. I find this also leaves some excitement and some unknowns in the story keeping my own interest. I know that certainly was the case with a recent novella I wrote for my university dissertation and I am still discovering things about them now as I continue to work on it alongside writing for NaNo and sorting other real life problems out.

Kay Solo

By now a lot of you have probably heard about “strong female characters.” They’re the amazing women across all types of media, seeking out gender roles and smashing them to pieces. They can be found in books and movies and TV shows to the extent that they have a genre all their own. After all, when is the last time you heard of a strong male character, right? They’ve taken fiction by storm, showing that women too can be just as cool as men.

But is that really how it works? As a writer myself I can’t claim to speak for everyone, but I can say what I deeply believe to be true.

The character “category” of strong female character has been growing in popularity, and it has generally been met with positive feedback. But the reason they’re lauded is not because they are so populous — rather, it’s quite…

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