Camp NaNoWriMo Day 18

2013 Banner 2

I think I am bored with my NaNo and this is a dreadful time to discover it, especially since I have already changed my novel idea once this month.

Reason I know I am struggling to write this novel? After thinking about it today, I think I know why: I prefer writing the two main characters when they are in the same scene. Granted that will happen later but meanwhile, I have a bit to write before I get to that point. So now, I am trying to think of a way to get me going to just move on and get on with it. Only thing I can think of  to get me going is to focus on getting out of the 22 thousands and just pushing on with the word count somehow.

Maybe I will hit a streak when I get to the prison where I will have to describe things, including how there is still a working prison on the island when the prison has become a tourist attraction and the characters personal escape plans.

Still need to plan the plans properly admittedly. I have vague ideas.

Another reason I know I am getting bored?

I started thinking about writing some Wizardmon Fan Fiction… Yeah, this is bad! Unless I manage to somehow weave it into the story…

Word Count: 22,814 words



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