Camp NaNoWriMo Day 17

2013 Banner 1

This is going to be a short update again, mainly due to the lack of writing and again, it has been because of the blooming trial scene but I have at least got to the end and my character is about to be sentenced. So again, not as far as I wanted but still, I am just glad I can finally get on with writing her reaction to the sentence,her partner in crime’s reaction and the reactions of my detective characters. I can also get on the prison scenes and how my other character plans to go after the other and how he is going to get her out of prison.

That will be fun to do, especially considering I am using Alcatraz as the characters designated prison so I have a little world building and writing of what the prison routine is, which should at least get me about 100 or so words. Hey, every little helps. I also have another sub plot with my two detective characters so I do have stuff to write, even if the detective stuff is largely unplanned due to me only discovering that thread within the last 7 days.

As I said yesterday, I have read a “certain” book and maybe today, maybe tomorrow, I will be reviewing it.

Word Count: 22,692 words



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