Camp NaNoWriMo Day 15

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Day 15 has made me step back and think carefully about my word count. Mainly due to an article on the Camp front page:  The Camp Guide to Persevering.

I have not been hitting the daily wc for writing 50,000 words as I have noted a few times on here, what with life and generally struggling to write certain sections. I read the linked article and it has made me step back and consider lowering my goal. I’m not sure what to but I am thinking maybe 30 or 35 thousand. Considering the story, I think 30 might be a tad short whilst 35 could be just perfect…maybe…

I will be changing my wc on the website and since I can change it right up until the 24th July, I could still change it back up to 50K. We will see.

Word Count: 21,675 words



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