Too hot

Reblogging because I think I am going to join her in doing a rain dance. Me and sun do not mix. Me and novel writing, do!

Tales From Baggins Bottom

I’m sorry, and I know I’m a winter person and all that, and that lots of British people moan about the weather. But I’m afraid I’m one who moans about the weather only when it’s too hot. And right now, it’s too raving hot.

All of my weekend plans were foiled due to the weather. I know I didn’t have many plans, but the biggest one is that with the super pollen count at the moment, poor air quality and very hot temperatures, I felt rubbish Saturday morning when I woke up and spent most of the day in (or on the) bed. I stayed in Saturday night. On Sunday I didn’t go to see my parents, and instead crashed on the settee listening to the cricket. (Which was very exciting, by the way – we won – by the skin of our teeth.)

It’s just too hot.

Today it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Too hot

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing. We need a massive rain dance. 🙂


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