Is Britain the World’s Creative Capital?

Okay, I am now just starting to procrastinate enough to avoid working on my Word Count (wc) and yet not be distracted enough to forget it.

On LinkedIn, I have Sir Richard Branson on my Influencers list so I get articles from time to time from Virgin. Not written by him but still…

Anyway, today on my Updates Stream, I received this article: This is something I have considered true for many years and is part of the reason I went to university to do a Professional Writing degree. I have often seen articles on the BBC News website, the Daily Mail, the Guardian and various other news outlets saying and giving examples of how the British Creative and Media sectors are some of our biggest exports in the world. They are also arguably the toughest to get into and find consistent employment in.

I don’t really have much to say on this matter but I sincerely just wanted to share this article with you all.


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