Camp NaNoWriMo Days 8 and 9

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Sorry. I know I haven’t posted but I’ve been hit by the second week slump. That, combined with other things in life, have left me struggling to write a bit and I am about 3,096 words behind. Quite a deficit but I think last night I’ve got past the part that has worsened the slump and have got into a more action sequence. Certainly, readers will see a character who hasn’t been the most active become much more so and maybe change a few perceptions that the character in question is the more independent and a much more capable thief than what he would at first  appear to be.

I also certainly know that I’ve hit something of a stride now and can get moving with the story. Mainly because my character decided to nap/ramble about how his life story, how he got mixed up with crime and first met my other character then how he ended up leaving his gang to form a partnership with her. He’s now doing what I should have written yesterday and I am planning to do at least a couple of paragraphs with the other character who is in the Detention Centre. I think that scene is going to mainly consist of her talking to a lawyer assigned to represent her and them talking but other than that… Well, at least it will be words and I might yet catch my deficit.

The next slump I expect will be the trial, mainly because my only real experience with courts has been during work experience when I did a week in the local law and coroner courts. Somehow, I don’t think the International Criminal Court will work the same way a UK court does, even though I am using some creative license with it. I do know it does not look like a UK court room and I expect, if I ever do go back and edit this novel, I will have to do some closer research into international law as I can only find books on UK law and I am going to work with the UK law when I do her trial. That’s a bit easier to find than how the court actually works, procedure and protocol!

I am hoping to catch up my deficit and at least cut it down some today to hopefully make it easier for me when I start writing on week 3 (which is easier). Somehow though, I don’t think I am going to hit 50,000 words before or on July 25th. I was hoping that I would be so I could get the next Ben Aaronovitch book, Broken Homes, as a reward so unless I wait until August 1st to pick it up, I can’t see that happening.

Well, I have started writing a section which is much easier to be getting on with so it should prove much more plainer sailing; I might yet get the next Aaronovitch book as reward to myself… Fingers crossed?

Day 8: 11,199 words

Day 9: 12,952 words

P.S.: Sorry, I’ve rambled a bit in here…


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