Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 4 Update

Word Count: 5,508 words

I know, I am posting this on Day 5 of this session but I got distracted for the last hour or so of last night. One of my characters got arrested and because of who the character is, it led to me having to stop writing and do some research to figure out a few definites for me to continue writing.

This research included figuring out which court would try the character. Turns out the answer is the International Criminal Court or the Hague. This led to having to look on the ICC’s website to read up on it and have a look at the virtual tours of various locations in the court. I will no doubt go back to look at these once I get to writing those scenes and I have also ordered a book from the library today to do a bit more research. I also am going to have to remember that ICC in this case means International Criminal Court, NOT the International Cricket Committee. (Yes, I am a cricket fan!)

I’ve also had to look at what laws and crimes exactly she would be tried for. I am basing this on UK laws as I am a Brit and it is just easier for me to work on this basis. I think I am fine in saying that there will be similar offensives in most countries in the world. I think the offences she will be tried for several¬†counts of theft, trespassing, gaining property by deception and possibly even a count of involuntary manslaughter.

I will probably have to do even more research as I continue writing but those above have certainly been unique. I even confused and made the staff in a local library laugh when I went up to them asking about the ICC. I mean, it’s not an enquiry you get everyday. I should know. I’ve spent some time volunteering and working in my local library!



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