Book Review: Wedding Babylon, Confessions of a Wedding Planner by Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous

Yep, another Babylon.

Going behind the scenes of yet another industry, Imogen this time sneaks behind the scenes of Weddings with the help of industry insiders to take a look at a week in the life of a wedding planner. From the high maintenance brides, the celebrities and WAG’s to the class divide marriages, Anonymous sees it all and tells of the planning, the extraordinary costs behind weddings in Britain today and the potential of things to go wrong before and on the day. It’s just yet another week in the hospitality sector…

This book is enjoyable and very readable, reading very similar to earlier books. It is obvious this time that it is written from a male point of view (unlike Air Babylon) and provides some good laughs and some insights into the industry, as well as providing some (slightly) shocking stories. It also does an excellent job of creating a full circle with anonymous waking up from having bedded a bridesmaid at the start and ending on him waking up again from having bedded a bridesmaid.

Unfortunately, this book seems very pedestrian compared to Air and Hotel. The stories are run of the mill, the expected types, no serious shocks (most are expected) and despite being engaging, not as interesting and rather boring. I did enjoy it but I would not read it again and probably could find better and funnier stories online. It also at times reads more as a set of facts and there seems to be a lot of facts and figures quoted. Interesting and perhaps necessary but it does slow the writing and makes it boring. It only got going and became good nearer the end when the bridezilla and mumzilla character types starting coming into play, the father with his new girlfriend, the battle between the mum’s and the bride having second thoughts on her marriage.

The only real shock stories that were unexpected but very funny were the fact that drugs are used at weddings by members of the family and the best man possibly coming out in his speech and admitting he is in love with the groom was excellent and made me really laugh.

This book is good but I don’t believe it is as good as the other books and would not actually recommend this book to the casual reader. Maybe if you are getting married then perhaps but it does have its moments and the wedding at the end is great fun. If this sense of fun and more shocks had been included then it would have been better however this is the sort of book I would not read again unless I really wanted to.



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