Two Ben(edict)’s

Okay, I know. I haven’t reviewed any books in the last few days but I am reading. I am just doing it in among life. So a review is coming but I am so happy at the moment.

Found out today that Benedict Jacka, the author of the Alex Verus series, has linked my reviews of his books from here on his website! I am so happy and feel so very grateful to him doing so! He has linked other reviews from other people but I am just so happy and a little starstruck at the idea that the author of the books has actually read my reviews! Here’s a link to his website with the links to my website:

Also, another Ben, this time Aaronovitch, has created a map using Google Maps of the different locations of different events in his first book, Rivers of London:,-0.113983&spn=0.102533,0.219727&z=12

I personally find this very interesting as a non-Londoner and I enjoyed looking through all the locations and seeing where he had set the book, including seeing what the Folly looks like.

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