TV Review: CSI:Vegas Meets CSI:NY Part 2

Sorry, I know. I am breaking normal service again to talk about something I saw on TV but it wouldn’t be right not to review this when I have already reviewed Part 1. I did watch this last night and have slept and whatnot since so I apologise if this is short and/or wobble-y.

Moving from Las Vegas to New York, Detective Mac Taylor and DB continue their search for Christine, Mac’s girlfriend in the Big Apple, where things get more dangerous and more deadly, forcing Mac and DB to break regulation and go rogue.

So I have a preference for this episode and found it far more fun, entertaining and enjoyable than the first half. Maybe because there was more action and more danger in this plus the little trickery they undertook whilst going rogue. Maybe also because it was more focused on the actual search for Christine. All I know is that I preferred this episode over the first half.

I do have a question about this episode though and I don’t know if it’s because the NY episode is from like mid-season of season 9 or if it’s because I have missed episodes from the last season but… Where’s Stella? I like Stella. Where she go? (Please, no spoilers!)

But, in general, I do like this episode and I think I am going to re-watch both of these episodes and back to back if possible. Also, sorry about the picture. Struggled to find a picture from part 2 so just going to use the one posted.


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