TV Review: CSI:Vegas Meets CSI:NY Part 1

Okay, this blog is meant to be a book and film review site however my CSI Fangirl side of me wanted me to write a quick review of part of last nights CSI crossover. I promise to make this spoiler-free for those who might have recorded part 1 last night so they can watch the LV episode then the NY episode and I ask any readers who are in the USA to please NOT post anything that would be classed as spoiler as we, here in the UK, are about 1 season behind!

Detective Mac Taylor heads to Las Vegas to surprise his girlfriend, Christine who is in Vegas for a convention. After a quick pit stop into the LV lab, he heads over to Christine’s hotel with DB Russell to surprise her. However, they discover that Christine is not there and there are signs that Christine has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, the Vegas team investigate the death of a man stuffed into a wine barrel to pickle.

Now, the premise is great fun and works great however I felt that the episode seemed very lopsided. There seemed to be more time given over the wine murder plot and not to the LV/NY cross plot, which is what this episode is MEANT to be about! This is a bit of a disappointment as I thoroughly enjoyed the all the earlier crossover episodes between all three series (LV to Miami, Miami to NY and back and the CSI Trinity episodes). I was also slightly confused about who Christine was. We have not got Season 9 of CSI:NY yet over here in the UK so maybe that is explained in the next series or, if that started in the last series, I must have missed it as I have also missed some CSI in the last couple of years due to not being able to watch at university for various reasons.

The wine plot was fun though and provided some laughs and would have been excellent in another episode but seemed to suffocate the crossover plot which was the main attraction for this episode. I feel this was a great shame. Also, I have been on the Channel Five website and an article about this says something that annoys me a little:

“Although star Gary Sinise was involved in two stories that merged his series with CSI: Miami, he’d never before been on the set of the Vegas-based drama and, since Ted Danson only joined CSI last season, this is first opportunity to visit a related show”. (Channel Five Broadcasting (2013). CSI: Vegas Meets New York on Channel 5. [Online]. Available at [Accessed 21/5/2013])

Um, can I just remind channel 5 that, to my recollection, NY has NEVER been to LV. LV has gone to NY but not vice versa! This is the first time we have ever seen anyone from NY in Las Vegas! Yes, I might be being picky but as a big fan of the show, that annoyed me!

Anyway, the episode was fun and I would reccommend it to fans of the show because, as I have just ranted above, this is the first time any of the NY team has been to Vegas, but the episode was not maybe as goof as it could have been, Maybe, and hopefully, tonight’s episode, part 2, will be a heck of a lot better…and not confusing!


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