Film Review: The NCIS Movie: Enemies

Okay, something else I watched on TV last night but felt like reviewing. Since it was advertised as a film/movie (sorta), it is a slight return to normal service here.

During a gathering of current and former NCIS heads, Ziva‘s father and leader of Mossad, Eli David, appears with two Mossad agents to protect him and trailed by three terrorists hell-bent on killing him. Gibbs’s team is assigned to protect Eli and NCIS Director, Leon Vance, however this proves difficult when they realise that there appears to be a security leak from within NCIS and everything seems to link back to a mission in Amsterdam early in Vance’s career.

For long term fans of the series, this is enjoyable and provides insights into the past of certain characters and retains the spirit and both the visual and scripting style that is expected of the show. It also features the humour of the series and provides a great rivalry between Ziva and one of the Mossad agents, Liat. This kept me smiling and giggling and the fight sequences were as well choreographed as to be expected, even when struggling a little to keep up with what was happening.

Despite being very in keeping with the show stylistically, the story, that took place in the present, seemed to drag a bit at the beginning and maybe a little tightening up was needed but the middle and particularly the ending sped up and kept attention. I also found myself getting more involved and more interested in the story that took place in the past, showing the relationship between Gibbs, Eli and Vance and what happened in Amsterdam. This storyline had a real spy thriller feel to it and I sincerely enjoyed it.

I would personally also have liked to see a bit more of Abby (I love that character) but over all, it was good, if not always enjoyable.



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